About me

My biography

• Born 1969 near Aachen in Germany
• Journalism study at the Neue Kunstschule in Zurich / Switzerland and Islamic Science Study at DIDI / Germany
• Relevant journalistic experiences in the field of sports and local writing, freelance journalist for the Aachen newspaper, Aachener Nachrichten, Die Brücke und Neue Woche
• Free sports editor with the focus on soccer for the New Week and the Aachen newspaper
• 6 years experience abroad with the management of a press and German content marketing agency in Denmark
• Book and e-book publications for GD Publishing Ltd. & Co. KG and digiload24.de
• Author for Forlaget Sprogbøger Holbæk
• Author for MAIRDUMONT, editor Marco Polo
• Excellent CMS and SEO knowledge
• Building of blogs and web pages for Media Innovation Berlin and the Schober Group
• German and Danish intercultural coaching
• Danish, other foreign languages English, French and Dutch
• More than 10 years experience: Creation of German blogs and German website texts
• More than 10 years experience: Creation of German SEO texts
• More than 10 years experience: Creation of German content texts
• More than 10 years experience: German Unique Content Texts

I am currently living and working as a freelance journalist and book author all over the world
Private: I am happily married since 1994 and have two wonderful sons! My heart beats for the German soccer team Borussia Mönchengladbach. I love the English soccer and I like the teams of Liverpool and Leicester. You can also meet me at the Anfield Road or at the King-Power-Stadium.